Work From Home (WFH) 5 Key Factors That Helped Us Build Our Success

September 15th, 2020 by Bob Harrison

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So many companies worldwide are facing a new reality. The “work from home” reality. The business landscape has changed. Companies are adapting in new and innovative ways. One of key questions is, how do I set up and manage a remote work force? How do I help employees get set up and work from home? At Pulsar360, we have been working remotely from home offices for eight years now and have had incredible success.

We want to share our success with you and help you make your own success story. We know that working remotely can create some challenges and there are a lot of unknown factors. However, working from home can be productive. Just look at our company’s success! Working remotely can open up many new opportunities and we would like to elaborate on some of the most important ones. It is important to learn from others and continue to grow as a team and a company.

Pulsar360 employees have worked remotely for over eight years now and we have increased our revenue 100 times over. We wish to share some of the key factors to our success and help you build your own success story!

5 Key Factors In Working Remotely

  1. More mobility

    Working from home offers more mobility and a ton of opportunities. At Pulsar360, we took our remote work seriously and used it as a huge opportunity to expand. By using our communication technology, such as our VoIP service, phone systems, and voice solutions, we have created a WFH dream. Communications are better than ever, and we took advantage of this opportunity.

Discover How You Can Keep Connected While Working Remotely

  1. Total flexibility

    No brick and mortar means total flexibility. We are not confined to a regular 9-5 office job, and that is a major benefit. At Pulsar360 we enjoy our total flexibility and use it to our advantage. We think it brings out more creativity to our team members and lets us work with more freedom.
  2. No geographic limitations

    We don’t limit our team to a particular geographic location. Because we work remotely and use phone systems and voice solutions to communicate from wherever we are, we can hire the best talent to work from anywhere! This really opens up a lot of opportunities.
  3. Ownership

    Unique company culture results in a very high engagement. New employees should have a buy-in of the whole team to join the company which encourages ownership. Extremely low turnover is one of key achievements.
  4. Partner centricity

    Partner centricity and putting human relations first creates positive relationships between team members. Because there is a low turnover rate, relationships grow and flourish and the team feels connected. Even when working remotely, a team can communicate via phone systems, voice solutions, and VoIP services. By staying in touch, our team grows closer, providing better team morale.

At Pulsar360 we have been working to build communications for years that support other companies transitioning into working from home or building a hybrid workforce. If your company is thinking about or having a difficult time transitioning into this next phase of working remotely, please contact us. We want to use our success story to help you create yours.

Contact Us to Learn More

We will get you connected and leverage the mobility you need with our Free2Flex promotion. Don’t hesitate! Get in touch with us today and don’t miss out on our special offer. Let us help you through the transition into remote, work from home workers. At Pulsar360 we believe that communication is key to community and we want to share that with you. Our success story can be your success story.

Bob Harrison, Chief Channel Office at Pulsar360

Written by Bob Harrison, Chief Channel Officer at Pulsar360
With 37+ Years Senior Management & Organizational/Sales/Operational Leadership Experience, Bob has been developing and launching Channel Partner go-to-market strategy. The strategy includes the development and deployment of four distinct partner programs. Bob Harrison’s efforts included recruiting specific types of partners, developing the unique attributes of the programs, and the on-boarding and support of the Channel Partners.

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