Cloud fax solutions without compromise or complexity. See how P360 Fax compares to other fax methods.


P360 Fax vs. Analog Fax

  • Eco-Friendly – Save on Paper & Toner
  • Freedom from Phone Lines
  • Dozens of Features for Fractional Cost
  • Mobility – Send/Receive Faxes Anywhere
  • Fax, Scan & Print with any Fax Machine
  • View Faxes in Secure Online Archive
  • Receive Faxes by E-mail
  • Never Busy Fax
  • Keep Your Number

P360 Fax vs. Legacy Internet Fax

  • Standard Fax Machine Integration
  • Superior Security & Encryption
  • True Multi-User™ Environment
  • Secure Online Document Archive
  • Advanced Fax Document Management
  • Unlimited System Scalability
  • Fax Composition & WYSIWYF Preview
  • Live Fax Status Display
  • On-Demand Reprints & Confirmation Pages
  • Forever Fax – Usage Credits Never Expire
  • Free Internal and In-Network Faxes
  • Simple Zone-Based International Rates

P360 Fax vs. Fax Server

  • Hosted, Managed Cloud Service
  • Superior Features and Performance
  • Compatible with All Standard Fax Machines
  • Unlimited System Scalability
  • Lower Total Cost of Operation
  • Minimized Capital Expenditure
  • Rich Web Client – No Software Licensing
  • No IT Department Required
  • Automatic, Managed Backups
  • Optimal Disaster Recovery Solutions


Keep Your Fax Numbers

Bring your current local and toll-free fax numbers to P360 Fax- and take them with you if you leave! P360 Fax also provides new local and toll-free fax numbers.

Connect Any Standard Fax Machine

Send & Receive Real Paper Faxes

Keep your fax machine! Simply connect it to P360 Fax using our exclusive Fax Adapter and reliably send and receive Real Paper faxes just like you always have. P360 Fax works with or without a fax machine – the choice is yours.

Always Ready, Never Busy Fax

With P360 Fax, you never have to worry about busy signals, equipment malfunctions or power failures. Your fax number is never busy and is always ready to send and receive faxes.

Works With or Without a Computer

Flexible Hardware Configuration

P360 Fax makes computers optional. Send faxes over the Internet using just a fax machine, or choose any number and combination of multi-function printers, scanners, computers and mobile devices to send and receive faxes.

Simplicity - Fax by Email

Use any e-mail account to send and receive faxes, and select up to ten e-mail addresses to receive faxes.

Advanced Web Client

Use Advanced Web Client to Send, Receive and Manage Faxes

Send, receive, view and manage all your fax documents using P360 Fax's state-of-the-art software. The simple and intuitive Advanced Web Client runs in all popular web browsers, with no additional software required.

Mobility - Smartphones & Tablets

You can send, receive, sort, store, manage and share all your faxes using any web-enabled mobile device, including smartphones and tablets.

Compatible with Popular File Types

You can fax most Microsoft Office documents directly, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher files. P360 Fax also supports Adobe PDF documents and images, including BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG and TIFF files. With P360 Fax, any document that can be printed also can be faxed.

Secure, Managed Repository

Store all your fax communications and business documents in P360 Fax's secure, hosted repository. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your important data is secure, off-site and accessible anytime, using the Advanced Web Client.

True Multi-User  

A P360 Fax exclusive, True Multi-User means you can share documents and collaborate with colleagues and coworkers online, each with your own login.

Security Solutions for Industry

Designed with security in mind, P360 Fax encrypts all your data, both in storage and in transit. P360 Fax also offers additional security features to enable legal, medical and financial institutions to maintain compliance with HIPAA, GLBA and other industry regulations.

Fax FREE Within Your Account

Fax to any number in your account or to any new P360 Fax customer you refer to us, with no usage fees.


Supports All Standard Fax Machines

Give your fax machine Internet-powered features. Connect any standard fax machine to the Internet with P360 Fax's exclusive Fax Adapter.

One-Step Faxing of Paper Documents

Document scanning for legacy Internet Fax services can be a time consuming, multi-step process. With P360 Fax, faxing over the Internet is a familiar, convenient process that uses your existing fax machine.

Fax Adapter is Multi-Number Capable

With support for multiple fax numbers per Fax Adapter, P360 Fax lets you assign multiple local and toll-free fax numbers to each adapter.

Simple Setup and Operation

Simply connect a phone cord from your fax machine to the Fax Adapter and connect the Fax Adapter to the Internet through your router or switch. The intelligent Fax Adapter connects automatically to P360 Fax, and you are ready to send and receive faxes.

Use Multiple Fax Adapters

Use Multiple Fax Adapters with a Single Local or Toll-Free Number. P360 Fax lets you assign a local or toll-free fax number to multiple Fax Adapters, perfect for those who work in multiple locations

Flexible Equipment Options

Send and receive faxes over the Internet using a fax machine or your choice of multi-function printers, scanners, computers, smartphones and tablets. P360 Fax lets you choose the equipment configuration that best suits your document workflow needs.

P360 Fax is an advanced cloud-based Internet Fax service that securely sends, receives, stores and manages all of your business documents.

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