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Client satisfaction is the foundation of Pulsar360 Corporation's success. Our emphasis on providing exceptional client service and desire to exceed expectations has earned Pulsar360 Corporation dramatically high client satisfaction, referral, and retention rates that differentiate us from other providers.

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Thank you, Dustin. You know, I have never been with a company that has such great service and turn around time. You guys have been amazing. Thank you again and have a blessed day.

Pam Moore, Site Director Answer Phone of America
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By way of introduction, I am an IT sales specialist at Technocom in Charlotte, NC.

I wanted to acknowledge the role that Johnson Tran and his extended team played in helping us land a significant IT deal with a private school in the Charlotte metro area.

This past December, Johnson helped us win a VoIP deal with Liberty Prep. The school’s staff and board were so impressed with Johnson’s expertise, passion, and enthusiasm, your operation’s team flawless set up of the VoIP system and the value-added partnership that our respective firms demonstrated, that they decided to appoint Technocom as their IT provider for the expansion of their campus. Upon awarding us the business, the school cited its positive experience with the VoIP installation has one of the primary reasons they chose Technocom.

As my copied VEIT colleagues can attest, I have been working in the technology industry for more than a few years and I can flatly state that the partner value that Johnson bought to this transaction has rarely been duplicated.

I should also advise, that I have had the pleasure of working with Johnson on multiple VoIP deals and his performance is consistently superior on each transaction.

I am fairly certain that the foregoing is not surprising when it comes to your view of Johnson’s value. I just wanted to share my experience for your consumption and consideration.

Nicholas Perrelle, IT Sales SpecialistTechnocom
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All of us in the telephone answering service industry must move into the 21st century of ultra-low prices for SIP trunks and DID numbers and high quality audio. Telephony prices have dropped like a rock but not all SIP telephony providers have matched the decreases in costs with lower prices. Pulsar 360 is one of handful of irreplaceable assets of the telephone answering service industry who helps us navigate the technical and cost savings and other aspects of SIP trunking on a turn-key basis. They have helped dozens of answering services including myself. I highly recommend their services.

Allan Fromm, PresidentAnser
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Pulsar 360 has been a valuable partner for Teleplex since 2015. In that time we find their network dependability and customer response is outstanding. We are deeply appreciative of the service Pulsar 360 provides Teleplex!

Doug Robbins, Vice PresidentTeleplex, Inc.
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I love Pulsar360, the SIP trunks simply work and never go down, which has made my job and life easier.

Daphne Anderson, Operations Manager StatCall
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And that right there is why I switched to Pulsar360. I’m very impressed with the customer service and attention to detail.

Sue-Cunningham Milito, Owner Cunningham Communications
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I just wanted to take a few minutes and thank your team for an amazing effort. I was working with Bryan, Stephanie and Mike King team Monday through Tuesday evening and they were all wonderful. It’s rare to work with a team of folks who genuinely want to get to the root of a problem, and who will work tirelessly to get there. They truly shine a bright light on what your company brings to the table when diagnosing and solving problems. They clearly understand the technologies at play, how they interact, and what to look for.

When I lead the support teams for two of the world’s top hedge fund companies, these are precisely the types of people that I would hire. When expectations are very high and seconds could cost billions, you can’t have anyone but the best on your team. After experiencing their efforts, I can easily say that I would have been proud to have any one of them in my corner.

Being on the side of business where you’re generally receiving the complaints because things are broken, I wanted you to go into the weekend with pride in what you do and in your team. Happy Friday!

Chuck Ruiz Bethel IT Services
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You guys are amazing! I've never seen customer service from a telco move so quickly. And thank you!

Thomas Schmerer Professional Telephone
Critical Update


I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I've had an opportunity to work with many of your tech support agents over the last several months since we've partnered with you. All have done a good job, but Judy makes it a rule to go above and beyond. I think she's done everything requested and a few (correct) things in anticipation of requests before I could think to ask for them. She's always been very enjoyable to work with. I think any manager should count her as an exceptional asset to his team.

Just my 2 cents worth.

Brian K. Roberts, Lead Technician Critical Update
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Mike, I just wanted to let you know the wonderful customer service and tech support we received from Stephanie. She got to the bottom of our phone problems so quickly, and was a joy to work with. She has great customer service skills and is very personable.

Thank you so much for assigning her to our work order/ticket.

Driftwood Energy
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I have to say, Pulsar360 has been incredible. We are extremely happy with the phones we ordered as well as the support we receive. It's a breath of fresh air to deal with a company that's very attentive.

It's has been a pleasure the whole way through! We look forward to continue doing business with Pulsar360 for a long time to come!

Wess Stephens BAT Commodities, Inc.
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The Lubbock Emergency Communication District has been extremely pleased with the high quality of customer service and support that we have received from the team at Pulsar360 Corporation As we are dealing with mission critical situations We needed a reliable and responsive service provider and that is what we have in Pulsar360 Corporation

Byron Lanham, Network Technician Lubbock Emergency Communication District
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Hi Mike, I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for everything. Your team has been wonderful. I will definitely continue to recommend Pulsar 360 to others. Stephanie Garcia has been incredible. She is very dedicated, intelligent, and professional. She is definitely an asset to your company and does whatever it takes to find a solution to the issues at hand. She worked with me all of Friday night and assured me she would even check in on the weekend to get updates on the issue. There is also another person that has been working with her but I cannot remember his name at the moment, he has been awesome too. Everyone has been great to work with but especially these two people. Another answering service in Pittsburgh was having the same issue and they do not use Pulsar 360. I told them that Pulsar fixed the issue and am trying to convince them to switch over to Pulsar because he does not seem happy with his phone company. Hopefully I can get you some business out of this. The company is Otte Polo. They are nationwide I believe. Thank you again for all of your support and help through this all. I am glad the issues have been resolved. Sorry for any frustration, this has been a stressful month in general with these issues, adding new lines, the high call volume with the weather and so forth. Best Regards.

Derek Davies, Vice President Allegheny Answering Services
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We have been really impressed with Pulsar360 Corporation We are in the messaging and telecommunications sector and we have found that Pulsar360 Corporation has been extremely attentive, responsive, and has provided us with excellent customer service and support. Our company provides mission critical message and monitoring services and we have never gone down or had the slightest issue. We would recommend Pulsar360 Corporation to anyone that is looking for a telecommunications service partner.

Paul Hedgecock, Vice President, Communications Daniels Communications
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Since 1980, Contact One has consistently been recognized as the leaders in the teleservices industry. Based out of our offices in sunny Tucson, Arizona, we are very pleased with the outstanding customer service and support we have received from Pulsar360 Corporation They have done a great job and continue to provider above quality service.

Thank you.

Jeff Wood, President Contact One
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Antietam Call Center has been providing telecommunication services to our clients since 1976. Three years ago, we chose Pulsar 360 to provide our company with VOIP service as well as back up PBX and Toll Free numbers. We have been extremely pleased with the consistent, reliable up time as well as the level of tech support and customer service.

Bill Bosch, President Antietam Call Center
Larry Schildmeyer


Hello Pulsar. Hope all is going well. I want to extend our great appreciation to the support team at Pulsar for helping us through our recent transition and switch over with some auto attendant items. Your prompt help is fantastic. Thanks.

Larry Schildmeyer, Jr., Vice President Tufts Schildmeyer Family Funeral Homes & Cremation Centers


Lucas Hakes

Congrats on receiving the product of the year award as well, it is awesome seeing your business flourish. You have a great service and we have enjoyed working with you thus far! Wishing the best for you and your staff.

Lucas Hakes Ace Answering Service
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Mike Kurchak – Thank you for your assistance in solving this issue. Much appreciated.

Doug Johns Montana One Call Center
Lance Hunter


Hello, I just want to pass on how happy I am with the service your customer representative; Bryan provided in trouble shooting and fixing our phone troubles. He was very helpful and continued working on the problem without any further follow up needed from us. Much appreciated.

Lance Hunter Dormio Organic Beds
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I have been in the telephone answering service industry for 26 years. During the majority of this time, I have used Verizon and Paetec, now called Windstream Communications. The best change that I've ever made was to Pulsar360 Corporation approximately 4 months ago. I only wish that I would have heard about them sooner. Pulsar360 Corporation is a first class company who prides themselves in Customer Service. I have never experienced such a more dedicated company who cares for their customers. Their technical support team is easy to reach 24/7 and responds to any and all problems within minutes. Those former companies that I've used, made it difficult to reach someone. Finally, when I did speak to technical support, they couldn't give me a restoration time, nor could they define exactly what the problem was. This put a huge burden on me with my customers because I had to make up excuses why they weren't getting service. With Pulsar360 Corporation not only am I receiving excellent customer service and technical support, but I am also saving money. I'm happy to be a customer of Pulsar360 Corporation and would recommend them to anyone in this industry. I have already recommended them to my equipment provider OnviSource to pass this information along to their customers.

Charles A. Streppone, President MetroMessage Center Corporation
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It is so easy working with Pulsar360, whenever I need a new number, Pulsar360 has it for me in seconds. We never have problems with our SIP Trunks as they always work. Thank you.

Mia Marinaccio, General Operations ManagerPhysicians First Messages, Inc.

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