Converge voice and data communications onto a single, easy-to-manage network.


Enhanced Productivity

Staff and management can do more – communicate more easily – with enterprise-level VoIP features.


VoIP brings a winning value proposition for nearly any size business.

Bandwidth Efficiency

We make the most efficient use of the wires that lead to your door.


We deliver great uptime from hardened data centers located throughout the US and Canada.

VoIP is one of the fastest growing technologies around the world, and offers many advantages over the traditional circuit-switched telephone system.

  • Cost savings
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Increased productivity and mobility
  • Simplified installation
  • Keep your existing phone numbers 99% of the time
  • Global number portability
  • Scalability and flexibility when you need it
  • Extensive set of standard and advanced calling features

Pulsar360 Corporation's Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions provide high-quality voice communications, which can be delivered over affordable broadband service from other providers and/or Pulsar360 Corporation - managed carrier services. Customers save money and increase productivity by streamlining their communications into a single network connection for phone service and high-speed Internet. Having invested more than ten years in perfecting our VoIP platform, we have created one of the most sophisticated, highly-automated systems in North America. With this innovation, we can offer instant provisioning of SIP trunks, hosted and hybrid VoIP PBX's, local and international DID's, toll-free numbers, as well as advanced management capabilities.

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