Why SIP Trunking Is Best For Multi-Location Businesses

December 14th, 2018 by Pulsar360

SIP Trunking

You don’t have to look too far beyond the cell phones in people's’ hands to see the signs that analog is falling out of fashion, while digital is stepping up to take its place. Businesses are no exception - and the shift to digital requires specialized solutions to keep that progress moving forward.

That’s why so many businesses - especially multi-location businesses, with headquarters and workers spread all over the globe - are relying on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking with their VoIP phones to make staying connected easier, more cost effective, and more reliable as we move into the future.

Here’s a look at why SIP Trunking is quite possibly the best option for multi-location businesses looking to improve and strengthen their connectivity, and why your business may want to consider moving off of a traditional VoIP system and onto one with SIP Trunking.

Great For Growing Businesses

When it comes to expanding the capabilities of your business, making investments in capital like hardware and network infrastructure can quickly become a costly burden. That’s why SIP Trunking, which requires no costly infrastructure improvements or location-specific services, can represent a real cost savings for multi-location and growing businesses, especially when applied at a large scale.

Ideal for Multi-Location Businesses

With SIP Trunking, businesses are able to connect all business locations across even a large geography. SIP Trunking allows you to create a centralized call flow between your offices to reduce the amount of staff members needed to answer calls, as well as making it easier to leverage resources and call paths across your enterprise to find optimal connectivity.

Best of all, SIP Trunking allows you to eliminate long distance charges between offices - ideal for global businesses looking to keep far-flung offices well-connected.

Easy for Relocation

Few aspects of business relocation are more frustrating than losing all of your own phone numbers simply because you changed locations.

To solve this, SIP Trunking allows businesses to keep existing numbers in place regardless of physical location, just like a standard cell phone number. This allows your team members to take their numbers with them with you when your business relocated. No more expensive market expansion lines, and no more lost phone numbers.

A Cost-Effective Network Infrastructure

One of the biggest burdens to any business looking to implement a location-specific network is the sheer cost of up-front investment in infrastructure. Far from being a permanent solution, this costly infrastructure can quickly add to your setup costs even before the cost of upgrades, improvements, and maintenance are factored in.

By utilizing a PBX system with SIP Trunking, businesses can vastly reduce installation, operation, and maintenance expenses for a VoIP system while maintaining the highest levels of connectivity, reliability, and scalability for whatever growth your business may have ahead.

Less Equipment to Buy and Maintain

Up-front capital expense for VoIP systems with SIP Trunking is minimal compared to traditional PBX systems.

No need to own, purchase, install or maintain your own PBX core, and no more running into technology obsolescence after only a few months. SIP Trunking utilizes a simplified infrastructure to provide reliable access to local calls, long distance calls, toll-free connections, and the Internet via the same circuit.

Plus, SIP Trunking allows businesses to eliminate phone system change order charges when relocating, which can be an added and unnecessary expense that many businesses may want to simply avoid.

All The Best Features, At The Best Cost

Rather than suffering from always-approaching obsolescence and diminishing returns as equipment ages, businesses who choose a PBX with SIP Trunking gain access to the industry’s most desirable high-end features without a high-end price tag. These include free on-net and branch-to-branch calling, which may be costly over dedicated leased circuits.

Best of all, you do not have to lose those great features just because your business is growing. SIP Trunking allows your system to scale up or down based on your business needs, while you pay for only what is needed to stay connected and support your business.

Exceptional Bandwidth Efficiency

Businesses looking to juggle costs across multiple locations count on predictable monthly communications expenses to stay within budget. That’s why so may multi-location choose PBX systems with SIP Trunking, which offers savings from 15% to 50% or more every month on trunks, toll-free numbers and long distance range.

Businesses who choose SIP Trunking can choose to pay one fixed cost for all connections or metered costs for long distance, depending on the unique needs of that business. And from a payroll standpoint, SIP Trunking removes the burden for in-house maintenance, reducing time commitments for your IT staff.

Increased Productivity

Aside from simply being the most cost-effective method for keeping a multi-location business connected, SIP Trunking can also help to greatly expand your business’s productivity by enhancing functionality and allowing for easy modifications without having to stop everything and replace your existing system.

Enterprise Functionality At Your Fingertips

SIP Trunking offers enhanced functionality for businesses by using existing network infrastructure, rather than necessitating the replacement of your existing phone system. That means less money spent on physical equipment across your entire enterprise.

Instant Provisioning & Modification

Setting up your SIP Trunks doesn’t have to be a long and complicated process. Pulsar360, Inc. offers instant provisioning of trunks, DIDs, and toll-free numbers - as well as easy modification of all moves, adds, and changes - to ensure your operations continue to run smoothly no matter what kind of growth you may have ahead.

Reroute When Needed

Nothing makes staying on track quite as frustrating as an unexpected loss off network connectivity. SIP Trunking gives your system the ability to re-route calls to any telephone number or cell phone in the event of an emergency – automatically or upon request.

SIP Trunking: Money in The Bank, Not In Your Bills

For growing businesses, businesses with multiple locations, and businesses dependant on far-flung or remote workers, navigating a traditional network can be a difficult and costly task. Luckily, SIP Trunking may be just the solution your business needs to address these problems.

SIP Trunking makes it easy to combine your voice, inter-office data, and Internet traffic on one cost-effective circuit, all while avoiding the costly and unnecessary expenditures of infrastructure improvements, IT and maintenance needs, and cost to scale or expand at times of growth.

Pulsar360, Inc. is dedicated to making SIP Trunking as accessible, affordable, and efficient as possible. We simply replace your existing incoming, outgoing and toll-free lines with SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) services. That way, you can get your SIP Trunks up and running right when you need it.

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