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Why is VoIP Used?

July 22nd, 2018 by Pulsar360

What is VoIP?

Concept of Voice Over IP Through Computer

VoIP is an acronym. In actual terms it means Voice over Internet Protocol. IP means Internet Protocol therefore any sort of transference of voice by means of internet connection is known as the VoIP. Not only transference of Voice but multimedia can also be sent or received by using internet and this simple yet effective procedure is known as VoIP. Another simpler term that is used for this is called internet calling. For the process of VoIP to be effective, the basic requirement is a strong internet connection since it is required for this to take place in the first place. However in many VoIP systems, some major facilities for instance calling the cops, is missing whereas various companies provide that too.

Why is VoIP used?

There are major advantages of using VoIP. For instance most commonly it is used due to the fact that it has lower cost. In some cases the cost is even free. The application skype allows free calls worldwide using the procedure of VoIP. This is primarily beneficial because in this particular way a linear network is provided to transmit the media and voice over. Due to that it can simply lower the rates of VoIP. The rates are lowered when compared to other calls for example normal phone calls. This is because in regular phone calls various networks are involved.

Taking the perfect example of Skype, all a user needs to pay is for the internet connection which he is consuming but not the skype calls which he makes. This makes the skype calls absolutely free. A lot of money is saved when one prevents costly regular calls and replaces them with internet calls.

Another benefit of using VoIP is its expanding effectiveness. The internet calls can be made or received anywhere where the user has an internet connection. Hence there are no hurdles in connection when one is transmitting voice through the internet.

VoIP has various other favorable and worth wile functions too rather than just the transference of voice. It can transmit other forms of media too for instance images, videos, songs etc. In this way it is a fact that it has multiple functions which makes it preferable. A person who is calling via internet can multi task at the same time as he can share various other files too while he is on call.

A regular phone call allows only two persons to communicate at a particular time and it cannot allow users to create video conferences while sitting back home. Therefore VoIP is fancied as it creates ease for its users. VoIP is more flexible for people who travel. When travelling people are sure to make calls and transmit data, if it is used through internet it reduces the cost.

The reason why it VoIP has such fast speed is that it uses a single network and its costs are less. In the contemporary world it is the most outstanding technological advancement. The modern man fancies its use because it provides him with better facilities with lesser cost.

It is not a major necessity to install software while using VoIP therefore people who have limited knowledge about the internet usage can initiate its use very simple. Since very little technical information needs to be imparted for its usage therefore more people are switching towards it.

The usage of fax is replaced by the arising of VoIP because people in the modern world choose emails instead of faxes. Also the previously used phone calls were not as secure as the modern internet calls. The data can be instantly saved and can be kept for as long as one desires.

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