What is the Difference Between VoIP and VoLTE?

July 10th, 2018 by Pulsar360

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VoIP stands for Voice over internet protocol whereas VoLTE stands for Voice over LTE. By VoIP, we mean the sending of voice data from one place to the other through the internet. VoIP is usually used on computers when connected to the internet. Sending voice data through Skype is an example of VoIP. In the past, people would refer to the VoIP as WiFi, however, this is not the case now. As mobile phones have become popular now, VoIP has been introduced to them also. You can use cellular data or WiFi to send voice data from your mobile to some other mobile through VoIP. These days, as technology has advanced a lot, VoIP is being used for sending voice data in applications such as Skype, WhatsApp, Skype, messenger, snapchat, etc.

As far as VoLTE is concerned, it can be defined as sending voice data through cellular data such as 4G/LTE. This technology has been getting a lot of attention and these days it is the most common way of sending voice data from one place to another. VoLTE is a standardized system used for transferring voice calls by using the LTE data network on your mobile phones or tablets.

Even though the purpose of using both VoIP and VoLTE is the same still there are many differences between the both of them. If you want to know what are the differences between them then keep on reading.

Differences Between VoIP and VoLTE

  1. Meaning: VoIP means ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’ whereas, VoLTE stands for ‘Voice over LTE network’.
  2. Technology: The major difference between VoIP and VoLTE is based on the technology they both use. VoIP uses a web-based network such as 3G, wifi or ADSL to transfer voice data. These modes of transfer of data are commonly used as they are easy to access. VoIP is very common among smartphones and computers, however; there are a few barriers which users have to face. Whereas, VoLTE is using LTE network technology such as 4G for transferring voice data from one place to another. It has a faster bandwidth and speed which helps to attract more people in using this network. Due to the efficiency of VoLTE, it is preferred over VoIP. Most modern smartphones are supporting VoLTE technology for transferring voice data.
  3. Network: VoIP is using networks such as 2G and 3G whereas, VoLTE is using 4G for transferring voice data.
  4. Establishment: VoIP was introduced in the 1990’s and had immense popularity as it helped people in transferring voice messages from one place to another without any problem, however, there were a few hurdles due to the lack of internet range whereas, VoLTE was established in 2000’s and since then it has been improved in many ways to help people communicate with each other without having to face any hurdles.
  5. Connectivity: VoIP is supported by web and VoIP phones whereas; VoLTE is supported by the modern smartphones. As compared to VoIP, VoLTE has a higher bandwidth and it offers a better quality. VoLTE sends high definition voice data from one place to another however, VoIP sends the packets of data which is the actual voice digitized in the form of data through the internet from the sender to the receiver. These packets of data are not given any special priority whereas; the VoLTE packets are given special priority.


The quality of voice calls through VoLTE is much better as compared to the normal voice calls through VoIP due to the HD voice devices being used by the VoLTE users. However, if one end doesn’t have an HD quality network then the voice quality won’t be the same. There are still many VoIP networks that are being used on a daily basis as they are very reliable and loyal to their customers. You need to do proper research on VoIP network before indulging in it so you know that it is trustworthy.

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