What Are the Main Considerations When Buying a Small Business Phone System?

April 3rd, 2018 by Pulsar360

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A phone system is a great technological invention without which a business cannot work. Phone system plays a very important role within the businesses and also has a great impact on customer service and employee productivity. A rightly chosen phone system positively impacts the business in every way. However, as businesses varies in sizes i.e. small business and large business, so does their needs. This means that large businesses has their own needs and should choose the phone system according the ones fulfilling them and small business has their own needs, comparatively lesser than large business ones, so they should choose according to them. However, choosing the right phone system is quite a task for the small businesses because they have lesser experience and low cost. Following are some key points that need to be considered while buying a small business phone system:

  • Which system to choose?
    Choosing the right system is the name of the game. There are two kinds of system. One is the voice-over- IP commonly known as (VoIP) system which is a phone service that works over the internet and that is fully redundant and provides all the features of an enterprise phone service right down to administration level control of the soft switch. It is recommended that small business owners choose an enterprise level VoIP service provider, However, for such service a stable internet connection is very important. The second one is buying is offered by the big box retailer, which offers an off the shelf service that is really just a re-purposed residential service model with a basic auto attendant. For small businesses, VoIP is the best option because it is less in cost and comes with a variety of features. Moreover, VoIP is an in-house system and can be easily managed by the staff of small business without any need of excess resources which would in-short save their cost and prove to be budget friendly.
  • Which features to look for?
    It is very important for the small businesses to decide what features they need in their phone system that would help in fulfilling their requirements, because requirements vary from business to business. Besides the basic features, that every phone system provides like managing in-going and out-going calls, conferencing, voice mail, caller ID and many more, the businesses needs to choose what advance features they need in a phone system. Advance features includes, various customer service features i.e. capabilities of call center and automated call attendant and various integration features such as ability to connect with voice-enabled devices, mobile devices, emails or other applications related to business. Small business, however do not have such advanced requirements, they mostly have basic requirements and for this they can get the VoIP system implemented easily.
  • Compare the cost:
    Cost is one major factor that most of the small businesses look for. It is very important for the businesses to compare the cost of different vendors. However, cost does not only include the price of the system and small businesses should also not consider the price only. Cost includes other expenses as well such as if the business is going for VoIP system, then the cost of internet connection, microphone and various other devices should be considered. However, making it cost effective as much as possible is the name of the game in the end.
  • Good sound quality:
    We all know that a bad sound quality is very frustrating and irritating at the same time. Also, a business with poor sound quality system leaves a very bad impression on the customers. So, it is very important for the small businesses buy a phone system with good sound quality.


Above were some main considerations. However beside these, there are many other things that small businesses need to look for while buying a phone system. It all requires a bit of research and some survey to come up with the best product or the phone system.

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