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Want To Learn What is the impact of IPv6 on VoIP?

March 13th, 2018 by Pulsar360


VoIP is the future of telecommunication and gone are the days when traditional phone systems were used by business owners for communication purposes. Now it is that point where voice over internet protocol is getting hype with each passing day and there are several reasons why VoIP operation is the best.

For those who don't know much about VoIP communication, we will today tell you all you need to know about VoIP and the impact of IPv6 on it. IPv6 is the recent version which came after IPv4 and it has a big impact on VoIP operations which will be discussed in the article today.

What Is VoIP communication?

VoIP operations basically work on the principle of converting data into small packets and then transferring that data from one place to another. In order to carry out this operation the main and the only thing you need is a good internet connection which comes with a high bandwidth. It is as simple as it sounds, if you and the person you are trying to contact has a good internet connection then you can easily communicate using the VoIP operation. The best part about this modern phone system is that it is cheaper than the traditional phone communications and you will only have to pay one bill for both your internet and your calls. So, if you are someone who has a business that is all based on communication then you should definitely shift to VoIP as it is cheaper and it can be beneficial for your business.

What Is IPv6?

Now the main question here is whether IPv6 will be a threat to the current Internet Protocol? Well, the answer is obviously a "yes" because the current VoIP and IPv4 is unable to fulfill the demand of IP addresses and at this moment IPv6 was introduced which is far better than the other versions. There is not much difference in the base of IPv4 and IPv6 but again, IPv6 is more powerful and more efficient when it comes to the IP addresses. With it you will be able to enjoy multicast rather than broadcast, it is safer, it supports new services and above everything, it comes with a more efficient packet processing. All of this is a clear indication that IPv6 is going to replace IPv4 soon and you will have to shift on version 6 sooner or later.

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