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August 29th, 2016 by Pulsar360

Answer These Questions Before Choosing a Virtual Phone System

Every business wants to appear professional. No matter the industry or the size of the business, professionalism will help gain trust from customer. Unfortunately, some businesses fall short by failing to implement some basic strategies. One common strategy is implementing a virtual phone system.

Virtual phone systems (VPS) give businesses access to communication services, like call routing, that help them function professionally. While it’s possible for a modern business to simply use cell phones, a VPS ensures that customer communications are handled in a professional manner.

To access a VPS, you have to choose a provider. This can be difficult since there are many VPS companies, each with their own merits. Before you make a decision, be sure to answer some questions that will help you make the best choice.

Do I want to use VoIP or VPBX? Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a popular virtual phone choice for individuals or small teams because it allows free calling using your internet connection. This is seen in apps like Skype, which bypass the traditional phone network. However, every business, even startups, should consider a Virtual Phone Branch Exchange (VPBX). Though VPBX is more expensive, it uses the phone network, so it functions even without internet connectivity. Your business probably shouldn’t stop whenever your internet does.

What size is my business going to be? Instead of taking a headcount of your current business size, you should determine how big your business is going to be in the foreseeable future. It would be a shame to prepare a VPS for a small business and end up expanding beyond your capabilities.

There are VPS companies and packages for all types of business. Some work well with startups, other with large corporations, and some specialize in mobile phones. Also ensure that the pricing is within your business’s means. If your startup doesn’t receive a lot of calls, you can find a company with a pay-per-minute plan. Larger businesses should consider an unlimited service plan.

What kind of customer experience do I want to offer? Customer experience is one of the most important aspects of running a business, because it helps sell your brand. When customers call your business, what kind of experience do you want to give them?

Providing phone extensions allows you to route  calls to specific departments or employees. If your businesses has many divisions, consider a VPS company that offers unlimited extensions in order to ensure your customers can reach the right people without a problem.

If your business’s incoming calls significantly outnumbers its employees, you should consider a good automated call distribution (ACD) system. This will ensure your customers are quickly connected to the right person instead of being kept on hold for hours as their call gets passed around between employees.

What kind of customer experience do I expect to receive? While it is important for your business to provide a quality customer experience, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek one out as well. When selecting a VPS provider, be sure to choose one that not only provides the services appropriate for your business, but that does it in a way that makes you comfortable.

Different VPS services provide different interfaces and technology. Make sure you choose a service with a simple system that all employees can use without frustration. Also ensure that your VPS provider has quality customer support, for when an employee does encounter problems.

When selecting a VPS solution, consider all factors that may stand in the way of your business functioning effectively and professionally. Choose a provider that fits your business’s specific circumstances.

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