Want To Learn All About Virtual Phone Numbers?

October 2nd, 2018 by Pulsar360

Learn All About Virtual Phone Numbers

A virtual phone number is also referred to as Direct Inward Dialing (DID) access number, this is because a virtual phone number is a telephone number that does not have a directly connected telephone network or line. A virtual number is able to receive telephone calls because they have been programmed to forward inbound calls to a pres elected telephone number, which the virtual number subscribers already have unlimited access to. A virtual number can be either fixed virtual number, mobile virtual number or VOIP (this stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol). A virtual number can also function as a gateway between traditional calls and VOIP. The major advantage of a virtual number is that it does not require any additional hardware component. It allows users to leverage on their existing phone infrastructure, by integrating virtual number software. Virtual phone number service is a unique concept of call forwarding in the telecommunication industry, it is unique because it provides specially allocated geographical numbers to subscribers.

There are a lot of virtual phone number service providers around the world. Their main objective is to connect subscribers anywhere in the world, using hosted telephone numbers to convey calls online. There are free virtual phone numbers that subscribers can start using without paying any money, although most service providers offer different types of virtual number plans to their subscribers. Since most service providers have numerous features which may include call forwarding, auto attendant, call conferencing, to mention but a few, it is highly recommended that businesses avail themselves of these opportunities. This is because virtual number services have drastically reduced both local and international call costs for businesses and even customers too. The world is now a cyber village, businesses now operate from different regions of the world, in order for businesses to connect together without incurring an additional overhead cost, virtual number service providers have created amazing features. Virtual phone numbers can be used by:

  1. Businesses
  2. Private Individuals

Advantages of virtual phone numbers over traditional phone numbers for businesses. Businesses are able to establish a local presence in major cities across the world, without establishing a physical location. Businesses are able to enjoy the following:

  1. Reduced Overhead Cost: Virtual phone numbers do not require additional physical hardware devices, this, therefore, eliminates the cost of purchasing additional physical hardware devices, saving business owners a lot of money in the process. It is also easy to set-up, taking just a few minutes to activate, while also giving businesses the flexibility of cancelling their subscription anytime they deem it necessary.
  2. Better Quality of Service: Businesses that use virtual phone numbers enjoy the unbelievable quality of calls and up time, this is made possible by robust data centers that are powered by rugged servers, located on several continents.
  3. Zero Setup Cost: Businesses get to enjoy zero initial setup fees when they choose any virtual phone number service provider. Most virtual phone number service providers also offer minimum contracts, in fact, most of them offer a limited number of days for subscribers to try out their services. A minimum of 30 days risk-free contracts is widely accepted as this will allow businesses to use their service for free during these duration, or request for a refund if they are not satisfied with the services offered.
  4. Cheaper Calls: Businesses enjoy both reduced local and international cost of calls, some virtual phone number service provider offers free incoming minutes for new subscribers, this usually lasts within a specified period. Subscribers get to enjoy very low tariff plans for both local and international calls, these plans are usually cheaper than traditional phone calls.
  5. Unlimited Technical Support: Businesses get to enjoy uninterrupted customer support and technical assistance, anytime they have any challenge. This as a result of having technical support teams in different countries across the globe.
  6. Additional Business Features: Major virtual phone number service providers provide business owners with features that are not available on traditional phone services. This could include features ranging from a soft phone, local and international call forwarding, live to chat with voice, SMS, voicemail, fax, call scheduling, analytics reports, call screening, local and international call recording, IVR, to mention but a few. Some virtual phone number service providers also currently offer a cloud-based hosted phone number system that allows subscribers to customize their business features to meet their specific needs.

So many businesses are enjoying reliable services from across the world. Major companies across the world offering private phone numbers include Sonetel, Google Voice, Nextiva, Grasshopper, Phone.com, eVoice, VirtualPhone.com, MightyCall, MyOperator, Cebod Telecom, Call HIppo, Toassable Digits, etc. These companies are all unique service providers, offering subscribers value for their money. The major discrepancies among these service providers can be seen in their different pricing, multi-line management system, call handling and management system, extensions and call routing system, setup process and ease of use, and additional features available to their subscribers.

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