Pulsar360's Sales Referral Program Provides Benefits for Your Business

December 28th, 2020 by Pulsar360

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At Pulsar360 Corporation, we want our partners to have the utmost success. We do this by offering high-quality phones and VoIP solutions, as well as our Sales Referral Program. Our Sales Referral Program is backed by our VoIP platform's reliability, which is 99.999% uptime. In addition to the outstanding reliability, partnering with Pulsar360 Corporation in our Sales Referral Program will significantly benefit your business. Here are the top 5 reasons your company should choose the Sales Referral Program.

  1. U-Find a Lead. If your company has a lead for a phone purchase, just provide us with the business's name and contact information, and we will close the opportunity for you.
  2. We Provide the Demo. After we get the contact information, we will set up and conduct a demonstration to take the potential customers on a test drive of the phone system.
  3. We Provide the Quote. We will send the customer the proposal and complete the order package for you. Your company can set the length of the contract, as well as the markup for the equipment. Additionally, the equipment can be an outright purchase or a rental agreement.
  4. We Handle Support. Our engineers will take all Tier 0 and Tier 1 Support Calls from your customers. Your company will reap the benefits of the contract without needing to devote person-hours to handle any repair or technical issues.
  5. U-Get Commission. Your business will get recurring commissions and margins for the life of the customer account. Receiving the recurring payments is a significant benefit for your organization.

With budgets tightening due to the pandemic, our Sales Referral Program will significantly help your company bring in more revenue. We want your company to succeed and thrive during these trying times, and our Sales Referral Program is a fantastic way to aid in your success. Contact us today to learn more.

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