News Announcement - Fully Electronic Order Forms Are Here

July 2nd, 2020 by Pulsar360

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As your dedicated VoIP partner we are committed to continuously improving your experience. We are happy to announce that completing order forms is now fully electronic.

Here are all the forms you will need:

What’s in it for you? It means less emails and more time for you to focus on growing your business. No more asking your customers to print, sign, scan and email forms back to you, and then taking your valuable time to email them to us. Simply email your customers the required forms. They hit a link, electronically fill out and sign the forms and they are done. We will receive the completed document and put the completed forms in the ticket for your records

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Pulsar360 is the 2020 Internet Telephony award winner that is recognized for its quality, security, reliability and experience. Pulsar360’s VoIP solution offers advanced features and functionality including full Call Center capabilities. We are focused on providing your business with the tools to succeed. You can get the competitive advantage you are looking for leveraging our solutions and making up to 40% recurring commission.

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