Mobility: Enabling Work From Home and Hybrid Workers

June 1st, 2020 by Pulsar360

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With the world being put on temporary hiatus, more or less, because of COVID-19, many companies are either working from home or, at least, partially from home. So how can a company offer the mobility and flexibility for a whole team to work from home? What is needed for a team to continue to create and remain productive during these times apart? The obvious answer is the ability to communicate from anywhere.

This is where Pulsar360 comes in with WFH solutions. Offering a variety of advanced voice services for you and your team, we give you the chance to connect and grow with your team, even from a distance. So what kind of WFH solutions does P360 have to offer? How can we help you and your team and/or hybrid workers stay connected during this time of uncertainty?

5 Things We Have To Offer

  1. Affordable Phone Services: When working from home or, like hybrid workers, splitting time between the home and the office, finding a reliable phone service that is also affordable is imperative. Whether it is used to communicate between the team or for customers and clients to be able to reach someone while out of the office, it is crucial. Finding an affordable one is even more important. Many companies have had to cut budgets because of the virus, but we make it possible for you to have enterprise quality calls on a small company budget.

  2. Fully-Featured PBX: With most people being out of the office, or only in the office occasionally, it can be difficult for clients to reach a human. That is why we offer things such as virtual receptionists customizable voicemails, voicemail to email, and call-answering mobility with our Hosted PBX services. Never miss a client’s call again!

  3. Backed by Experience: If you are thinking of trying out a business VoIP solution, Pulsar360 can be trusted. Our knowledgeable staff has plenty of experience and training and are available to help you with any of your questions or needs.

  4. Connect Locations: No matter where you and your team are located, you are able to connect and network with other locations, and even on different platforms! This makes it incredibly convenient to check in with other team members and chat with clients. With Pulsar360’s SIP trunking service, you can connect with almost anyone from almost anywhere!

  5. Web-Based Management: These interfaces make certain tasks so much easier such as moves, adds or changes, call forwarding destinations, etc. Because it is all over the web, you simply take it with you. It makes life a lot easier when working from home or part-time in the office and part-time at home.

Pulsar360 Corporation offers incredible ways to keep your team communicating during the time of work from home and hybrid workers. Having a phone service provider that is web-based is a game changer and will make your life a lot easier. Now through June, you can try 90 days free with Free2Flex! Contact us today and see how we can help enable mobility in your work from home.

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