How We Can Keep Your Phones Ringing When Disaster Strikes

August 20th, 2019 by Pulsar360

A hand just about to take the receiver off of the base of the phone.

Usually when things like fires, storms, and other disasters strike your business is typically unable to operate. In many business cases, they are unable to answer the calls their customers leave them. Being cut off from communicating with them due to the numerous reasons a disaster can cause. Many businesses can't allow that kind of downtime to happen, because when disaster strikes, that's when their customers need them the most. They have to be able to be there when they are required. That's why we offer our Disaster Recovery for your communication systems.

With our service, your communications will never be down for long. You'll have multiple ways to keep it up through the worst disasters. One such method is with our Automated Distribution and Rerouting of Calls, making so if any calls fail to reach your location they will be routed to another one of your sites. Either another office that can take the calls or even designated off-site numbers like cell phones or landlines. Another system we use is a Fail-Over Hosted PBX Backup System to the backup deliver calls via an alternate route. The system runs on a metered rate to help you save money. We also have our Emergency Hosted PBX for Remote Continuity that will keep you up and running in the worst of cases. The ultimate line of defense if you lose your ability to work at your current location, with this you'll be able to send your employees to a remote location to work. They will be able to do so by using our host PBX with a computer softphone, headset, and internet connection. Thus allowing you to resume critical functions for your business in a matter of minutes.

Disaster may strike randomly at times, but you can always be ready for it. With our Disaster Recovery, you'll not only be prepared for it you'll be able to keep taking the calls your business needs to make. Don't let disaster stop you, get in touch with us and our Disaster Recovery will keep your phones ringing no matter what.

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