How Phone System Resiliency Can Preserve Business Continuity

January 16th, 2020 by Pulsar360

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If you own a business, you know problems are going to arise. That is the nature of being a business owner. Whether it's inclement weather that takes out power or phone lines, theft, or a data breach, as a business owner, you need to be able to respond and get your business up and running again. It is even better to have a trusted partner in your corner to lend help and expertise to address your problems. Pulsar360 Corporation has disaster recovery solutions to preserve your communications.

Automated Distribution and Rerouting of Calls

If something happens to your phone systems, and your business is unable to receive or make phone calls, we will reroute your calls to different geographic locations, which are all connected to our network. With this feature, your business will be able to maintain receipt of inbound calls, allowing your company to stay open while your competition struggles.

Fail-over Hosted PBX Backup System

If your PBX(either on-premise or hosted) fails, you lose connectivity to your system. Pulsar360 Corporation will deliver calls via a different route to ensure you don’t miss calls. Having this system resiliency in place is critical for any business to thrive.

Emergency Hosted PBX for Remote Continuity

In the event of a disaster that closes your physical place of business, your employees will be able to work remotely with a softphone, headset, and an internet connection. This is the best line of defense if you do lose access to your building.

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, having your phone systems go offline for any amount of time can be disastrous. While you may get the phone system back up and running quickly, there is potential lost revenue and damaged client relationships to consider. At Pulsar360 Corporation, we want to make sure your company can thrive, no matter the situation. Contact us today and let us assist you in having a disaster recovery plan and systems in place.

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