How Can Echo Be Reduced In VoIP Calls?

March 23rd, 2018 by Pulsar360

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If you are planning to shift to Voice Over IP phone system then do know that there are certain drawbacks and issues that come with this system too. One of the most major issues is the annoying echo problem in VoIP phone calls. However, there are certain reasons behind that issue and it can be solved for sure. Now, before digging deep into the causes and solution of the echo problem in VoIP, first, let's discuss a bit about what VoIP phones are and how do they work.

VoIP Phone System

You see gone are the days when traditional landlines were used for communication purposes and now technology has brought us something very different and new. We are talking about none other than the VoIP phone system that works by converting data into small packets and then transfer it to the other person with whom you want to communicate. Moreover this system is very cost effective and with it you won't have to pay huge figures of bills. So, yes if you have a business where you have to communicate from people all around the world then it is better to shift from the traditional phone system to the VoIP one because again, it can save you some fortune.

Causes Of Echo In VoIP Calls?

Now let's talk about the main topic of today and that is the echo issue in VoIP calls. Well, as said earlier, there are several causes of it and now we are going to discuss the possible reasons behind that echo.

  • The main cause of the echo can be due to the high volume of the receiver on your handset and that can be resolved if you adjust the volume of your receiver and set it to almost 50%.
  • Sometimes the echo can be due to the signal conversion process. This process takes place when you connect your call to another one and if the other person does not have a digital telephone switch at the telephone company then this can create an echo problem for you.

The Solution

Echo Cancelers

You can solve the echo issue in the VoIP phones by using echo cancelers, these echo cancelers can help you eliminate the echo within the first 10 seconds when you connect your call with another one.

Echo Suppression

Echo suppressor is more of a voice-activated switch that turns of the transmission from the talker to the listener when the talker is silent. However, this isn't a good way to eliminate the echo issue because it can be a bit problematic when both the people are talking at the same time. However, this is an old method that was used in the past for intercontinental phone systems.

These are a few ways through which you can solve the echo issue easily. However, as a whole, VoIP operations are amazing for communication purposes. You can save yourself some fortune, have good and smooth communication without any disruptions. The only thing you need for VoIP operations is a good internet connection with a good bandwidth. So, if you have both of these things then you need to shift to the voice over IP system as soon as possible because there are plenty of benefits of this system.

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