Farmington Public Schools Benefits from VoIP by IP Genie and Pulsar360, Inc.

November 21st, 2016 by Pulsar360

Prior to its upgrade, Farmington Public Schools had standalone phone system installations at each of their nine district locations. Equipment was no longer under warranty nor supported by the manufacturer, and parts were nearly impossible to locate. "Calls could not be transferred between sites and moving a phone or phone number required coordination of new wiring, programming, and lots of patience," explained Matt Ross, Director of Technology, at Farmington Public Schools.

In December 2015, Farmington Public Schools partnered with Connecticut-based IP Genie to replace the aging phone systems. Through careful planning and design between Farmington and IP Genie, Farmington consolidated nine separate systems into a single, premise-based VoIP solution that included necessary network redundancy and efficiency features to improve call routing.

Ross added, "The IP Genie team carefully walked us through the planning process and was accommodating to the K-12 school environment. Plans can change day by day in schools, based on many factors. IP Genie worked closely with us to complete the project while being invisible to the staff and students, working through the summer and finishing in time for the start of school."

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