A Backup for your Business Phone System

August 22nd, 2017 by Pulsar360

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You've just heard on the news. Breaking: a flood/fire/tornado/hurricane/snowstorm has taken down powerlines and caused damage. Your office won't be available for customer calls and your employees can't work without power. What might spell a disaster for other businesses, causing weeks of recovery and problems, won't be a problem for you.

Your business has a disaster recovery solution in place to protect your communication system. When phone lines are down at the office, calls are automatically rerouted to a designated number. You've set up your company cellphones to take these calls, so you're still reachable for customers. Your team members can work from home or remotely, still able to use their extensions and hosted phone system like normal. While the storm causes trouble for other businesses, you'll sleep soundly knowing that in the morning, business can go on as normal.

Pulsar360 has the perfect business continuity solutions to fit your needs. Whether you prefer a premise-based or hosted PBX system, we can set your backup system to automatically reroute calls when needed. Don't worry about connectivity delays – we'll make sure critical systems are working within minutes. Learn more…

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