5 Ways Our Fully Hosted PBX Helps Your Business Succeed

June 30th, 2020 by Pulsar360

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact communities across the country, businesses are looking for any competitive advantage to help propel growth. One of the most integral aspects of a business's success is the ability to communicate effectively internally and with customers. Any interruption in business communications can have severe consequences. At Pulsar360 Corporation, we know that businesses need the tools to succeed, which is why we offer a fully-featured Hosted PBX solution. Our Hosted PBX has numerous features that will benefit your business, from a virtual receptionist to call-answering mobility. Here are the top five reasons your business needs our Hosted PBX solution.

  1. Business Continuity

    As the nation is currently experiencing, disasters happen, often at inopportune times. It is critically important that your business is prepared for a disaster so you can resume business operations quickly. Our Hosted PBX solution gives your company the mobility to work from anywhere. With our Hosted PBX, employees can use a computer softphone, or route calls to a cell phone or landline. Your business communications will remain intact regardless of what has happened at your office.

  2. Scalability

    As your business grows and call volumes increase, you need to match your phone capacity to the growth. Our Hosted PBX allows you to quickly add seats to ensure your employees can answer all of the incoming calls. Anytime your business misses a call is a potential lost customer and lost revenue.

  3. Mobility

    With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting your business, having the mobility to work from anywhere is a necessity. You and your employees can work from anywhere, and we can network multiple locations together to ensure high-quality communications are taking place. Additionally, as business travel resumes, your employees can route calls to their cell phones to ensure they never miss an important call.

  4. Reduced Cost

    Budgets are tighter due to the pandemic, and any reduction in business expenses can provide welcome relief. Our Hosted PBX system has low upfront costs and has predictable monthly costs. Your business will be able to budget more effectively, and since your phone systems are hosted in the cloud, IT maintenance costs will be reduced.

  5. Ease of Use

    Our web-based management interface makes tasks easier for support staff and end-users. Moves, adds, changes, voicemail greeting changes, and call forwarding are all simplified with our interface. Being able to make these changes quickly will free up time for you to focus on the continued growth of your business.

At Pulsar360 Corporation, we want to provide your business with the tools to be successful. You can get the competitive advantage you are looking for without the massive price tag. If your business needs to streamline its communications, contact us today.

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