5 VoIP Trends for 2021

December 8th, 2020 by Pulsar360

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2020 has been anything but an ordinary year. With 2021 on the horizon, it's time to take stock of the year that's gone by and plan for the year ahead. One thing is for sure this year: Collaboration tools are hot.

But what VoIP / Business Communications trends are going to shape your decisions as you plan for the New Year?

Here is my take on the 5 VoIP trends to consider to be better prepared for 2021.

  1. Increasing adoption of collaboration tools is mission-critical

    In our new pandemic reality, these business tools are – now more than ever – essential to efficient and seamless communications. Voice, video and chat communications have become omnipresent in our day-to-day Work from Home lives.

    According to The State of Unified Communications in 2020 by , 42% of companies have increased cloud application and unified communication adoption. Furthermore, "…67% of organizations are moving significant portions of their unified communications solutions to the cloud." Sharing this knowledge and taking the crucial next step of training your customers will help them make the most of cloud communications.

  2. Mobile workforces need tools to Work from Anywhere

    Increasing mobility means workers need flexible solutions to work from home, the office or on the road. This hybrid environment often requires users to have multiple devices and offices in varying locations. Companies need easy-to-use solutions to manage it all and keep everyone connected. Give your customers the right solutions to ensure seamless connectivity no matter where users are located.

  3. Reliable Business Continuity solutions will prevail

    With more people now working from home or in a hybrid environment, the need for reliable collaboration tools is more important now than ever before. Your customers cannot afford any downtime. Business continuity requires robust disaster recovery and fail-over redundancy. No compromises here. Look for a partner that can offer 99.999% uptime. Check out how Pulsar360's hosted VoIP solutions ensure you and your clients are always up and running.

  4. Migrating to the cloud saves costs

    The need for premised-based solutions is phasing out. Cloud-based solutions have proven to be so cost-effective that there is no longer a need to buy, install and maintain a PBX in-house. Migrating to the cloud with Hosted VoIP solutions is easy to implement and maintain.

    If your customers are not quite ready to take the leap to the cloud, SIP Trunking is the way to go to keep their premise-based solution and still benefit from the cloud. Leveraging SIP trunking keeps communication costs optimised. There's no need to do heavy forecasting; you can add or remove users as you go.

  5. Simplicity wins – look for all-in-one integration

    Mobile users who are on-the-go need simplification. VoIP and Business Communications that integrate video, voice and chat capabilities are undeniably a must-have in today's work environment. Having one communication tool that is easy-to-use and integrates all of these applications makes being on-the-road no different than working in the office.

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About the Author: Brian McAvoy

Brian McAvoy

Brian has over 15 years of experience in the Telecom industry, with most of his time spent as a Senior Business Sales Manager at T-Mobile. He was credited for helping create and launch T- Mobile's B2B Implementation and Retention team. Brian McAvoy is Pulsar360's new Sales Operations Leader based in the Greater Chicago Area.

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