400+ User Car Dealership to Use Pulsar360 to Connect All Locations

September 23rd, 2019 by Pulsar360

Case Details

  • Car dealership was on a legacy premise-based PBX through Avaya.
  • They needed to connect 5 remote sites with 400+ users, have a failover option built in, and use their data center space.
  • They required reporting analytics including queue stats, abandon rates, abandon call details, and call tracking for marketing campaigns.

Pulsar360 Solution

  • Deployed a Hybrid VoIP Solution utilizing Pulsar360 SIP Trunks
    • 1000 Station PBX Server at the user’s Main North Network Hub
    • 300 Station Server for back up deployed at their secondary south location
    • Backup to the Cloud if both sites are down
  • The phones had multiple registrations to both premise-based PBX’s and the cloud in case a failover was necessary
  • Sales employees had applications deployed on their smartphones so the receptionist can dial the reps by their extensions

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