3 Tips to Help Your Remote Workforce Stay Engaged and Productive

October 29th, 2020 by Pulsar360

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With COVID-19 upending our work lives in 2020 and likely into 2021, the question is, will it change our work lives forever?

The world is now in a Work from Anywhere and hybrid workforce era. According to a SalesForce/Tableau survey published last week, 69% of respondents agreed that “the pandemic will permanently change the nature of work”. (Forbes – The Future of Work Post-COVID)

As a result, collaboration tools will be the most significant contributor to this transformation. An Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) survey revealed: “COVID-19 is accelerating digital collaboration literacy. 30% of IT executives believe that the ability of workers to effectively incorporate online collaboration tools into daily work patterns will be the most significant lasting change of the COVID-19 pandemic from a technology perspective.”

Furthermore, the ESG report discovered that IT leaders are planning to increase spending on cybersecurity, remote work solutions, and cloud services, where 40% of organizations said they will use more public cloud services. The Salesforce survey results also showed that “over one-third of non-remote workers globally say they do not have the technology to effectively work from anywhere”.

Companies are all about maintaining productivity and engagement. With the right tools, and of course the dedicated engagement from managers, Work from Anywhere (WFA) is now possible. Work from Home and hybrid workers can be more productive than we ever would have imagined pre-COVID.

As a business owner, you have many questions and concerns including the productivity of your remote and hybrid workforce. What are these WFA collaboration tools and how can we ensure our remote workers have what they need to deliver results? How can you ensure your remote workforce is as or even more productive than your in-house staff?

Here are 3 tips to help ensure your remote workforce stays engaged and productive:

1 - Build a Remote Worker Culture From the Top Down

So you have made the decision (or had to because of COVID) to have a remote workforce – so now what? The nature of a typical workday has changed the rules and the playing field—standard business hours no longer apply. A flexible culture means that your staff can take an hour off during typical work hours to take a yoga class and work in the evening instead.

It’s important to establish a remote work culture and that it is set at the top. Leaders need to establish best practices to deliver results while working remotely. A clear mission statement is critical so that your remote work culture starts at the top and is implemented easily by managers of remote teams.

2 - Manage Remote Workers With Performance as Top-of-mind

Your Team Lead is the most important person on the playing field. Setting both team and individual expectations is a must. Frequent team communication is also key. Manage with measurable results. Performance matters, and being able to deal with business-critical issues in a timely and effective matter is crucial. When your Team Lead focuses on performance: your team culture trickles down and impacts individual performance. Also, fostering some friendly team competition can have a great impact on individual results. Now more than ever, this is the time to recognize individual and team performance and share wins across the organization.

3 - Keep the Team Productive With the Right Tools

The right business tools make all the difference. Do your teams have the technology they need to communicate seamlessly whether they are on the road, at home or in the office? Great collaboration tools allow companies to keep their workforce productive with Work from Anywhere solutions that offer video, voice, mobile and chat capabilities.

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Mike Williams

Written by Mike Williams, President of Pulsar360 Corp. Mike is a 25 + year veteran in the Telecom space. Mike has extensive experience in creating and directing best in class in-house and remote operations. Mike has been creating and managing remote teams for all of his 25 + years in the telecom space. Here, Mike shares some of the secrets of knocking it out of the park with remote teams. Follow Pulsar360 on Facebook or Twitter or connect with Mike via LinkedIn.

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