120 Agent Call Center Replaces Legacy PBX with Pulsar360 Hosted VoIP

September 23rd, 2019 by Pulsar360

Case Details

  • Call center for multiple MUD districts was on a legacy premise-based PBX through Mitel
  • They needed a call center PBX that would handle 120+ call center agents with numerous MUD district calls coming into the SI Environmental call center
  • They required a call center manager through a web interface that could perform the following functions:
    • Drag and drop calls
    • Call center reporting
    • Multiple queue options (Most important)

Pulsar360 Solution

  • Deployed a hosted VoIP solution for 120 call center agents.
  • XactView call center manager was implemented so agents can use a computer program to:
    • Drag and drop calls
    • Call center reporting
    • Manage phone calls waiting in multiple queues
  • Remote agents were easily connected from their home office with one extension being registered to multiple devices
    • I.E. extension 100 was connected to 2 desk phones and 1 smartphone for simultaneous ring

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