VMX Locater

This feature is controlled in the Hosted PBX User Panel. The VMX (Virtual Machine extension) locator allows for advanced control of a user's voicemail system. It is somewhat similar to the Follow Me feature; however it gives callers more control. In essence, the VMX locater is a mini-IVR (interactive voice response) for voicemail. When a caller reaches a user's VMX Locater, they are presented with a recorded message. This message would indicate to them that there are options in addition to simply leaving a message. Typically, VMX Locater voicemails would give callers the option of leaving a message OR attempting to contact the intended party. VMX Locater can be configured to work with 'unavailable' and/or 'busy' voicemails. For example, a caller reaches your voicemail, and is given the option to: press 1 to call your mobile, press 2 to reach the Vancouver office, press 0 to reach reception, or leave a message. This ensures that the caller is able to contact an appropriate party should they want to, or simply leave a message.

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