Ring Groups

Your Hosted PBX is capable of grouping together many extensions into a single dialed extension. For example, if there are sales agents with extensions 220, 221, 222, and 223, then it is possible to assign a 'Sales' ring group which when dialed, will call all of the phones simultaneously. Additional options can be configured such as: the ring strategy (ring all, ring sequentially, ring first available, and more), max ring time, announcement (to be played to the caller prior to dialing the group), whether to ring or play music, and more. This feature is useful for IVR's and call queues as incoming calls can be directed to an entire department with ease. This can also be useful if you wish to contact a group of phones internally (technical support agents). It is as simple as assigning those phones to a ring group (such as 601), and dialing it from any system phone.

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