Multiple Offices

Many businesses have multiple offices. Whether separated by large geographical areas, or by several floors, and depending on whether there are numerous employees at each office, it can be necessary to provide a Hosted PBX to each office. Multiple Hosted PBX's in multiple offices are able to work in tandem, and is recommended in situations where there is a large employee base (usually 15-20+) in each individual office. This is highly recommended if offices are separated by large geographical margins (e.g. 3 offices with 20+ personnel located in Toronto, Los Angeles, and Miami - it is highly recommended that there be 3 separate Hosted PBX's). The beauty of multiple Hosted PBX's, is that they can be configured to work together flawlessly. Almost every Hosted PBX feature can work between offices (e.g. conferences can be held between offices, calls can be transferred from one office to another, employees can call each other free of charge, and more).

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