Audio Encoding

Audio codecs encode or decode digital audio data packets, and can be a piece of software or a hardware device. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is codec-agnostic and accepts all audio codecs the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) connects with the H.323 recommended standard.

FrequencyOutputUse 3 kHz64 kBpsTo deliver voice over traditional phone networks 7 kHz48, 56, 68 kBpsHigh quality 7 kHz24, 32 kBpsLow quality, narrowband 7 kHz16 kBpsLow quality, narrowband 8 kHz5.3, 6.3 kBpsLow bit rate speech compression, 37.5ms packet sizes 8 kHz16 kBpsLow delay, .625 ms packet sizes 8 kHz8 kBpsHigh capacity, 15ms packet sizes 8, 16, 32 kHz2.15-44.2 kBpsOpen source narrowband, wideband and ultra-wideband 8 kHz13.3 kBpsOpen source codec.


  • G.711
  • G.722
  • G.722.1
  • G.722.2
  • G.723.1
  • G.728
  • G.729/A
  • Speex
  • GSM6.10

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