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Business Continuity Disaster Recovery – Technical Details


If cloud based, how do you guarantee uptime if the district primary Internet services are interrupted?

With the PBX in the cloud it is still available to process calls. Communications with the local sites can be maintained by the PBX sending calls to cell phones or POTS lines.

If cloud based, how many data centers are in use, where, and what is the guaranteed uptime for your services?

We have 4 geographically distinct data centers for call processing and routing, 3 of them are where we locate full PBX hosting environments. The hosted PBXs are not in a HA environment by default but that can be setup by special contract. Our SIP routers are fully redundant across all 4 data centers. 99.995 is our up time goal but at this time We do not have a formal guarantee for up time.


Does your centralized administration solution include an end-to-end evaluation of the quality of voice over IP?

We provide as standard, monitoring for system load, call processing, system uptime, and extension online monitoring . We can provide optional quality and internet connection monitoring.

How do you collect data to monitor the quality of service of IP communications in your centralized administration solution?

We use the Nagios platform to provide all of our server monitoring. Internet and VoIP quality testing is done through the My Connection server platform with a remote agent installed on site running automated tests.

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