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Pulsar360 Corporation Chosen as “Top 10 Cloud Communications Company”

Newark, DE – October 30, 2019

Pulsar360, Inc. named the Top 10 Cloud Communications Company

Pulsar360 Corporation, a leading full-voice communication provider, is proud to have been selected as a “Top 10 Cloud Communications Company" for 2019 by Cloud Technology Insights.

This recognition honors Pulsar360 Corporation’s three decades of service bringing comprehensive voice, data, and cloud-based solutions to small to mid-sized organizations throughout the United States and Canada.

Among the services offered by Pulsar360 Corporation are telecom services for E911 centers, which combines hybrid telecom solutions with premise-based technology, high-availability architecture, and failover from the cloud; the Zulu mobility application which ensures phone number anonymity for clients even when calling from personal cell phones; P360 Faxing, a HIPPA-compliant faxing platform ideal for sending sensitive medical information through fax; and the new Premise-as-a-Service (PaaS), which offers fully featured, commercially supported, business communications solution at a fraction of the usual cost.

“We are a channel-centric company; we distribute our products and services through over 450 channel partners in North America and provide white-glove, high-deployment services to ensure and excellent experience for our customers and partners,” said Bob Harrison, Chief Channel Officer at Pulsar360 Corporation.

Offering this wide array of industry-leading services has allowed Pulsar360 Corporation to grow over 400 percent over the past five years, bringing the company into larger contracts and a wider network of industry partners and positioning it for even greater continued success in the years ahead.

“This recognition as a Top 10 Cloud Communications Company further solidifies Pulsar360 Corporation’s role as a leading telecommunication provider throughout North America, and we are honored to add this distinction to our growing list of recognitions as we continue to grow our services and offer even higher value to our partners,” said Harrison.

Cloud Technology Insights is a highly-regarded cloud computing magazine that offers guiding insights on the present and future technological achievements and advancements within the cloud computing industry; their “Top 10 Cloud Communications Company” designation is awarded to industry members selected for their leadership in driving these advancements.

About Pulsar360 Corporation.

Pulsar360 Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sherweb Corporation with roots going back to 2001, and has been honored as one of the Top 10 Leading UCaaS Telecom Providers. The company’s Executive Team & staff has over 210 years of combined experience. Pulsar360, Inc. offers Hosted Cloud PBX & Premised based systems, SIP Trunks, BCDR & Carrier Services, all of which are aided by Business Continuity Disaster Recovery for both the "dial tone" and telephone systems in case of an outage. Current customers include the State of Connecticut and numerous national call centers. Click here for more information.

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