Pulsar360, Inc. Promotes Michael Williams to Chief Operating Officer

Littleton, CO – December 17, 2018

Pulsar360, Inc. is very pleased to announce the promotion of Michael Williams to Chief Operating Officer.

Williams has over twenty years experience in the telecommunication industry managing customer care centers for national telecom system and service providers. Since joining the Pulsar360, Inc. team, he has been responsible for the implementation of our interactive customer/partner ticketing system; developing and delivering best practices and process improvements; implemented training sessions for all of the technical staff and partners; and increasing customer and partner satisfaction. In addition, he has not only engaged himself as an active member of our customer support team but has been a key member of our executive management team.

Prior to coming to Pulsar360, Inc. Williams directed the customer care operations for a national cloud based telephone service provider with over 70,000 customers. In this role, Williams increased customer satisfaction, implemented best practices, decreased attrition by 41%, reduced calls per customer by 15%, created programs to support a channel sales, and was involved in numerous initiatives as an executive staff member.

Williams's prior experience has also included roles with increasing responsibility, from a Regional Service Manager to Senior Technical Assistance Center Manager and ultimately Director of Customer and Field Support for one of the largest telecommunications system and service providers in the U.S. His organization supported over 7,000 customers and well over 2 million users. Under his direction the company maintained a 95% customer satisfaction rating and was ranked as the number one service provider to the Telecommunication Industry by The Telecom Managers Voice Report for 9 years running.

"I am thrilled to step into the role of Chief Operating Officer here at Pulsar360. While this new role will bring additional executive management responsibilities, it is also a fantastic opportunity to contribute to this stellar team and, in the process, add enormous value and positive contributions for Pulsar360, Inc. and most importantly for our partners and customers," said Williams.

"We are very proud to welcome Mike to the role of Chief Operations Officer,” said Michael Dozier, President and CEO of Pulsar360, Inc. “As we have grown there are more and more managerial responsibilities in many facets of the business. It is important that we stay on task managing these responsibilities as we have managed customer satisfaction and revenue growth. Mike has been integral to our growth and key in our planning for the future, and we look forward to having him in this new position.”

About Pulsar360, Inc.

With origins dating back to 2001, Pulsar360, Inc. is one of the oldest VoIP/digital phone service companies in the United States and Canada. Since then, the company has evolved into a full-service communications provider, offering comprehensive voice, data, and cloud-based solutions.

As an employee-owned company, everyone at Pulsar360, Inc. has a vested interest in customer satisfaction and the success of the company. Pulsar360, Inc. has the lowest attrition rate in the industry and has received numerous awards and recognition, having been recognized as one of the 30 Fabulous Companies of the Year 2018; Number 20 of the 150 Fastest Growing companies in the telecom sector; Product of the Year Award in 2017 & 2018; one of the top 10 Unified Communications Solutions providers in the U.S; and the Hosted VoIP Award of Excellence in 2016 & 2017.

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