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"Free2Flex" Free Phone Promo Extended Through 12/31!!!

Littleton, CO – December 5, 2018

We offered, you answered - and the response has been so great, we're going to keep the free phones coming.

Due to the tremendous response from our customers, Pulsar360, Inc. is excited to extend our limited-time “Free2Flex” promotion through the end of 2018, providing no-cost phone hardware to all who sign on during this promotional period!

Plus, we're adding a Holiday Bonus for all those who sign on by the end of the year - a free month of service based on the term of the agreement, and all setup fees* waived!!!

A Great Deal, For A Limited Time Only

It's the holidays, and we feel like offering a little something special. That's why we're offering all who sign on to a Free2Flex plan a free month of service based on the term of theri agreement through the end of 2018. The longer your contract, the more you save!

  • 12-month contract = 12th month FREE
  • 36-month contract = 12th, 24th & 36th months FREE
  • 60-month contract = 12th, 24th, 36th, 48th & 60th months FREE

And when you sign up today, we'll waive all of our setup fees - just one more bonus to make the holiday savings even better! (*Excludes our One Time Bundle Service Administration Fee)

Don't wait - sign up for your Free2Flex plan today and save yourself the time, money, and expense of outfitting your business with the equipment they need!!!

A Plan Built For Our Partners

Designed to maximize flexibility, Free2Flex offers more long-term value for both our sales partners and their end users than ever before, letting our partners and customers pick the plan, length, and hardware that's right for them.

  • All Free2Flex customers will receive their choice of select 10/100 and GigE phone hardware at no cost, allowing businesses to get exactly the plan they need without having to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on hardware alone.
  • Customers who enroll during our limited Free2Flex promotion will have their choice from a number of FREE 10/100 and GigE phone options, which include full-feature sets with full-duplex speakerphones, dual Ethernet ports, 5-way conference calls, HD voice quality, built-in Virtual Private Network (VPN) capability, and more.
  • All Free2Flex phone plans also include an advanced replacement warranty, which guarantees total and COST-FREE replacement and shipping of any replacement phone equipment needed for the duration of the contract.

Empowering Our Partners with Excellent Offerings

The Free2Flex plan puts power into the hands of our sales partners, who can offer their clients the right plans at partner-driven prices.

  • Money taken out of commissions on phone rental fees while still providing an exceptional level of service, flexibility, and reliability.
  • All plan prices are set by partners, meaning plan pricing can be adjusted and right-sized to best fit any range of small- to large-scale customers and customer needs.
  • Individual businesses who may be looking to upgrade an existing system or install an entirely new one can choose the plan and terms that work best for them, all while receiving the actual phones they need without adding a dime to their monthly bill.

New Technology for a Changing Workplace

We were proud to be the first provider to offer month-to-month plans for customers over two years ago, with contracts now ranging from 12-60 months in length and most 10/100 and GigE phones provided FREE OF CHARGE (some video or color-display phone models are available for a small added fee).

Additionally, we are now offering the Free2Flex plan with coterminous agreements, meaning customers can change, add, or adjust their plans at the original contracted rate. For customers and sales partners looking to bridge the gap between yesterday's older and expensive desktop phones to the future of smartphone domination, this plan offers a simple was to receive the phones needed with none of the burdensome costs for equipment.

Interested in learning more about the Free2Flex program? Contact Bob Harrison at 480-800-4765 or email at today!

*Note: Some terms and conditions may apply. Please contact us for further details.

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