Enterprise Networking Top 10 VoIP Solution Providers of 2018

August/September 2018

Enterprise Networking Top 10 VoIP Solution Providers of 2018 Against the backdrop of increasing number of organizations onboarding remote users and mobile workforce to meet the increasing business competition and evolving market demands, there is a growing demand for enhanced telecommunication solutions that provide customization, reliability, coupled with superior customer service. As an established Unified-Communication-as-a-Service (UCaaS) provider and early proponent of cloud technology in the communications industry, Pulsar360 has evolved into a full-service communications provider. Pulsar360 offers a complete suite of voice, data, and cloud-based solutions that businesses are demanding for, CRM integration, mobility, and collaboration. "With decades of expertise in designing and implementing telecommunications systems, we know that long term customer relationships are earned. Customers will not be acquired and retained based on price and technology alone. We require our team and our authorized partners to spend the appropriate time upfront to validate the integrity of the customer's network. This is followed by a consultative sales process to develop customized solutions for our clients, as opposed to selling a packaged solution," says Michael Dozier, President and CEO of Pulsar360. Once awarded the business, an in-depth implementation process is utilized in order to guarantee design and features meet the customer's requirements and expectations. The resulting smooth transition to the new services, responsive communication and resolution of issues are paramount in establishing this relationship, added Dozier.

Pulsar360 provides a unique Cloud IP PBX architecture whereby each customer has their own instance of a PBX. There are no shared resources and every instance configuration is backed up nightly and every instance is backed up with full system image clone weekly. They deploy multiple redundant servers in geographically dispersed data centers to provide redundancy for all Cloud IP PBX Customer instances. Customers can even subscribe for an instance in high availability mode with real time load sharing of all communications and functionality. Other product offerings include premise based IP PBX, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking, business continuity & disaster recovery solutions, carrier services, and T38 Faxing that meets HIPAA, GLBA and other industry compliance regulations. "Our sophisticated redundancy architecture extends across our entire UCaaS offerings. We are not aware of any other service providers that provide this level of redundancy and reliability," says Dozier.

Additionally, Pulsar360's premise-based PBX phone system, designed for organizations needing a fully featured, commercially supported, turnkey business communications solution, bundles all of the advanced UCaaS mobility and collaboration functionality. Premise based systems can be backed up with a Cloud IP PBX instanced, replicating all features and functionality for instant failover.

Their SIP trunking service can combine voice, Internet traffic, and inter-office data on a single cost-effective circuit, replacing clients' existing lines with SIP services. For redundancy, they provision each SIP trunk to two of their geographically dispersed data centers. If there is a data center issue, carrier issue at the data center, etc., the other data center takes over for all trunks and DIDs associated with those trunks. Toll Free numbers are provisioned with two national carriers. In the event of a major failure at one carrier, all of the customer's toll free numbers are directed to the secondary carrier.

Pulsar360's Disaster Recovery solutions help customers resume critical functions in minutes. From simple automatic failover to a secondary internet connection, to automated reroute of calls to designated numbers, cell phones, etc. or automatic failover to a Hot Standy-By Cloud Enterprice BCDR, these options are flexible and customizable based on the customer's unique requirements

Of course the deployment of any UCaaS, premise IP PBX, SIP trunking or disaster recovery solutions is dependent on the quality of the network connection. With Pulsar's SD-WAN offering they can provide QoS over the internet to their data centers. This coupled with their 24/7 Internet Quality of Service Monitoring and Issue Alerting that includes scheduled VoIP quality tests with archived test results, insures they deliver the reliability to meet and exceed their customer's expectations.

The company's leadership has 210 years of combined experience serving the telecommunications needs of business customers and building and managing enterprises of significant scale in the telecommunications industry and is continually focused on expanding and enhancing their suite of service offerings. "Of utmost importance, however, is providing an excellent experience for our customers and partners. As an Employee owned company, everyone has a vested interest in customer and partner satisfaction and the success of the company. One testament to our success is that an outside industry consultancy reported that Pulsar360 has the lowest attrition rate in the industry", states Dozier.

source: Enterprise Networking Magazine August/September 2018

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