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Very often, searching for the "right" technology for your business can be somewhat daunting. In this age of rapid growth, where things can change dramatically in the blink of an eye, business owners are finding themselves between a rock and a hard place.

How does a company make sense of it all and find the technology solution(s) that is custom tailored for their business?

Helping businesses improve their organizational processes while reducing costs so that they can accomplish more with less is the mission of our partner Voice Smart Networks.

Client Focus Consultancy

Voice Smart Networks, is a 30-year-old, integrator technology specialist for Southern California. The company focuses first and foremost on what is best for the client. They sit down with the client to understand the challenges that they are currently having and then they work to find solutions that are an ideal fit.

Their formula for success is quite simple:

  1. Deploy the proper technologies based on client/stakeholder feedback.
  2. Increase profitable while lowering costs for the client.
  3. Provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace for the client with regards to the most forward thinking.
  4. Protect customers from obsolescence while reducing the cost of technologies such as no hardware or software.

"Our focus is to stay years ahead of the rest in terms of technology, by providing solutions that protect our clients from obsolescence. We come in from a business approach and we continue to bring innovation to our clients. We realize that as society becomes more mobile, technology will be the glue that ties it all together," said Dale Stein, Partner at Voice Smart Networks.

From Here To There

It was the late great motivator, author and speaker, Zig Ziglar, that once stated, "You can get everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want."

This is quite true when it comes to Voice Smart Networks and their client first attitude. They focus on what is best for the client and their fantastic approach and ethos of, "From here to there." They seem quite intent on providing an immense amount of value, far above and beyond the typical service providers in the industry, in other words, they over-deliver.

According to Ryan Mulvaney, "Our approach with our clients is to find out where the client currently is. In other words, what are their current underlying issue and challenges. Our job is to then do a thorough analysis of what they have today and then learn where they want to go. We call it, from here to there."

"There is sometimes trepidation on the part of our clients and it is our job to educate them, but first they educate us and then we educate them. It's a two-way street. Our main purpose is to come in with a consultative approach. It's a partnership between us and the client. The client thinks of us as a resource. It's a synergistic approach to dealing with clients. We are not just selling a product or service, we want to understand their business, and how they use their business applications. Our goal is save them time, increase resources, and ultimately reduce costs," states Mulvaney.

In better understanding, just how they achieve their ethos of, "from here to there", Voice Smart Networks walks the client through a series of transitions. They make these transitional changes by chunking it down into smaller bite size pieces, by integrating the core solutions to the problems their clients are facing.

They then absorb these changes in a way that the client is protected from any negative fallout or repercussions and they do this by putting together a thorough game plan based on the needs of each specific client, as each business is unique with their own individual challenges and issues.

It is apparent that their continued focus on what the client wants rather than trying to just sell a product or service is what separates Voice Smart Networks from the rest. They are interested in getting to the heart of the matter and getting to the root of the issues and problems that their clients face.

"We are constantly asking the clients, 'What are you trying to accomplish?' and then we follow up with, 'Why do you want to accomplish that?' we want to know the why. We want to understand their business and what are the real issues and challenges," states Dale Stein

Their Business Is Our Business

Voice Smart Networks also has a team that really understands business. They make a concerted effort to be a technology company while also maintaining a business entrepreneurial mindset. When you deal with Voice Smart Networks you find that they take a different approach, not only in their partnership and collaboration with their clients, and in fostering two way communications between both respective parties, but in also how they make choices based on the decades of business experience.

Moreover, the culture of the company and its values are clearly evident in how they make positive growth and contribution their top priorities. Honesty and integrity are at the forefront, and the company is a culmination of when hard work and good effort meet opportunity.

"We like to think of ourselves as advisors to the marketplace with a down to earth approach. We are our clients' trusted advisors. And we ensure that we are always extremely well trained. It is this entrepreneurial component in our organization, and how we look at the relationship between our clients that make a world of difference. It is a partnership in the purest sense, and we value being proactive and self-directed. We believe our clients raise the bar for us, and make us even better at what we do. We do not sell just anything. What we are really selling is working together hand in hand to build a long-term relationship that is focused on business solutions,'' states Dale Stein.

How would you summarize Voice Smart in one word?

"Reliable," states Dale Stein.

"Proactive," states Ryan Mulvaney.

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