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Technology can move at what seems to be the speed of light, and at times can leave the average customer feeling somewhat overwhelmed.

In this month's partner highlight we would like to share with you a very special and unique company that is not only leading the way in data, voice and security but is helping their customers navigate and overcome the potential hardships and challenges.

Their mission to deliver dynamic, secure and customized technologies that enhance conduct of business and quality of work and their vision, to be the principal regional resource for progressive technologies and implementation have both become so interwoven in the fabric of their customer ethos.

BrevAll Technologies is dedicated to our values:

  • Commitment: We are committed to promoting great products, to providing excellent service, and to other initiatives that impact lives of customers and within the organization.
  • Efficiency: We are efficient and effective in our approach to give the best solution each time.
  • Innovation: We have the desire and ability to venture in to new and breakthrough areas of opportunity.
  • Integrity: We are open, honest and accountable in our dealings with employees, customers and vendors

Focused on Excellence

Brevall Technologies, Inc. is a privately owned, Texas based technology provider and service company with national distribution capability. BrevAll has held a strong reputation in the business community over the past 28-years by focusing on customer-centric solutions and by connecting businesses to advanced technologies. During recent years, BrevAll has added more end-to- end technology capabilities to its portfolio beyond IP telephony that now includes Data Security & Networks, Surveillance, Hosted IP Telephony, Video Conferencing and Repair & Refurb Services.

Partnership Equals Excellence

We briefly spoke with Mike Chenault, Service Manager, at BrevAll Technologies, Inc. to share with us his experience with working with Pulsar360 Corporation

According to Chenault, "My first dealings with Pulsar360 Corporation was with Juan Pena. He took the time to walk me through the first couple of installs and help me understand the process of programming the Pulsar360 Corporation Hosted Solution. It laid the groundwork for future installs. His patience was amazing.

We had a particular demanding customer and wanted their new Pulsar360 Corporation system to function as a Squared system as that was what they were used to. They have two locations and wanted both locations to function as one. Judy Swanson and Juan Pena helped us program it to the customers specifications along with Emergency Notification."

High Touch Is the Name of the Game

From time to time, new solution installs require an, extra special high touch as it is new offering that many of our partners have entrusted Pulsar360 Corporation to offer their customers. This was the case with our Premised Based offering.

"Our first On Premise Pulsar360 Corporation went well because the programming was exactly like the Hosted PBX. Some manufactures have different programming portals for the Hosted vs On Premise PBX. Our technicians had little difficulty with the install except that voicemail messages were not being save and or emailed to the customer. Juan found that the customers calling in and leaving messages were saying 'Call me' and hanging up. These messages were way too short for the PBX to save. Juan and Judy found this in the reporting and had us reduce the message length to 1 second and have not had a problem since. This type of support is above and beyond what we are used to," stated Chenault.

Superior technical support is paramount to any service offering. Brevalls focus on excellent customer service and support for their clients was of utmost importance.

"Pulsar360 Corporation Technical Support answers live and nine out of ten times you will be assigned a tech to talk to immediately. They always follow up with support questions via email and a phone call. The staff at Pulsar360 Corporation have been helpful from the top down starting with Bob Harrison who has provided none stop sales assistance and advice," said Chenault.

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