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Trunk Redundancy
We provide connectivity for each SIP trunk to two of our data centers at no additional charge. Both datacenters are live and operational at all times, for both inbound and outbound calls.

National Network Redundancy
Each datacenter has connectivity to several national networks. If there is a problem with quality or service issues with one network, calls are routed to another.

DID Redundancy
We duplicate your DIDs in two datacenters. If there is an issue at one center (equipment, power, connectivity, etc.) inbound calls are automatically rerouted to the other datacenter.

Hosted IP-PBX Redundancy
We can mirror-image a specific customer's features and functionality in two separate servers in different datacenters.

Toll-Free Redundancy
We dual-load all of your toll-free numbers into two databases. In the event of a major failure at one carrier, we can move all of your toll-free numbers to a secondary carrier for handling. This move takes approximately 15 minutes to download to all of the downstream databases nationwide.

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Whether you represent a start-up or a large enterprise, wholesale or retail-focused, we provide a consultative approach to delivering customized, cutting-edge solutions to suit your specific needs.

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