In our quest to provide the best possible service to our partners & customers, one of our greatest tools to accomplish this was lacking... our website.

To better provide information to you, we needed to throw away our static & clunky site, and have a new, progressive & modern site built from the ground up. We've come a long way in the last few months, and we needed our website to speak that.

Before After
Static HTML Site Limited Viewing on Mobile/Tablets Fully Responsive Website
Limited 5 Product Offering Displays 8 current product/service offerings
Content was limited to text Content includes video, sliders, banners, PDFs
Content was static and not updated Content now includes blog posts and press releases
About us section limited no reference to executive leadership Now Executive Leadership bios with LinkedIn links & Photos
Limited resources for both customers & partners Created Resources Page which includes Searchable Glossary, Feature Matrix of Main Offering, Partner Highlights Section
Partners had to go to various websites to find what they needs such as VOIP Speed Test, Support Tickets, Partner Portal Partners and Customer can now go to the main website to find what they are looking for, all of the disparate sites have been made available on main site.
No Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus Low/Non-existent Search Engine Ranking Main site now has social media accounts with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and actively updating social media accounts with new daily content
Low/Non-existend Search Enging Ranking Incorporated SEO and SEM and now ranked on the major search engines, Google and Bing/Yahoo
No Acknowledgement/Customer Testimonials Main site now has customer testimonial section and banner slider of customers.
Old: Blegh....Website Before
New: Sexy!!Website After
New: Better NavigationWebsite Interior Page 1
New: Detailed PresentationWebsite Interior Page 2

Social Media

We're now able to incorporate social media into our pages (something we just could not do with our old, clunky site). With that presence, we were able to boost ourselves out to the world, thereby bringing in more "foot" traffic. Our new site is much more responsive, as well as comprehensive, to better show the world who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

Also, with that added benefit of a social media presence, we were able to bolster our SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing). Believe it or not, no one could find us. Even with a sturdy Google search, we just would not pop up. You could eventually find us, but you'd usually have to scroll through a few pages.

But now, our new site allows keyword optimization, proper tags that will garner a presence in a simple search, and (the best part) our site is compliant of the new standards of HTML.


New: Constantly Updated BlogWebsite Interior Page 3
New: Detailed, In-Depth GlossaryWebsite Interior Page 4

One of the biggest things we wanted to offer our customers was a detailed, comprehensive database of information. Not just about the products we offer, but also the latest news in the world of telecom, as well as definitions for the terminology we tend to throw around willie-nillie (forgetting that to laymen, it's all just gibberish). Now, if some term seems alien to you, you can jump onto our glossary page and see exactly what it means!

Feature Matrix

New: Feature MatrixWebsite Interior Page 5
New: Feature MatrixWebsite Interior Page 6

This is one of our proudest offerings.... a complete, detailed Feature Matrix for our PBX systems. Multiple brochures and hours flipping back & forth between them... over! This comprehensive list details every last benefit to our provided services.

What Does This All Mean To You?

It's simple... one site, one entity, all the information you need at your fingers. No more jumping around from site to site; from provider to manufacturer to producer to an online dictionary. We've worked hard, and are still working hard, to make sure our website is the BEST source of information to you. We're constantly updating all our information and content, which is something we just couldn't do with our outdated, virtual-paperweight of a site. We acknowledge our partnership with you, our customer. Our team is working diligently 24/7 to provide the best possible service we can. Speaking of a team..... that's another thing that's new! A force, brought together, to ensure we go above & beyond every single day. Meet them here!

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