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Gerald Smurlick

Executive Vice President

Gerald Smurlick, Executive Vice President

Gerry has over twenty years of well rounded experience in the telecommunication industry, with emphasis in management of clients' billing in the areas of local, long distance, wide area network and wireless services.

Smurlick has provided funds for acquisitions and growth as an investor. As CFO he has been responsible for integrating accounting and billing systems, consolidating carriers and vendors, and reducing COGS by 40% over 24 months.

He was a founder of Digital Telephone Group Canada Inc., which was which was one of the company's acquisitions. He was also a partner in The Telephone Saving Network which was a pioneer in the provisioning of alternative local telephone line service.

Prior to that Mr. Smurlick was owner of Local Line Advantage, a Company with over 40 employees which marketed telecommunications services through a variety of channels, including direct sales, independent agents, affinity marketing associations.

Prior to entering the telecommunications industry Gerry ran his family owned retail furniture stores generating of $25 million in annual sales.

Gerry is a 1966 graduate of the McMaster University with a Bachelor of Economics and Commerce.

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